A configuration of cells and proteins that allow the experience of humanity looking for the roots on the other configurations of life​ to understand itself and others. Empathy moves my work and creations, knowledge boost my curiosity and research. 

Born in the land of myths, Mexico has given me the happiness of being, the world gave me curiosity, and the biotechnological research provided me with empathy towards other species. Graduated from the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico as a biotechnological engineer with the aim of for the popularization of science, a master degree in molecular biology from Skoltech Institute of technology, and a second degree in Biological Arts from the Art and Science center of ITMO University and currently curator of the Bioart specialization. I explore the posthuman speculation, the deep matter from the molecular level, and the philosophical questions of being together.


Master Program Art&Science ITMO RUSSIA

(2018- 2020)

Master Program in Molecular biology SKOLTECH RUSSIA (2016- 2018)

BSc Biotechnology Engineering. IPN MEXICO



Curator- Staying with trouble March 2021. AIR Gallery ITMO University

Curator- Bioart Showcase  January 2021

Curator- Pangardenia September 2020. Ars Electronica Saint Petersburg


Artwork- Becoming Plant. Bioart January 2021, AIR Gallery ITMO

Artwork- Touchless. DOMUS VIVUS 2020, Palace of the Trubetskoy-Naryshkins

Artwork-  The Fruits of Consciousness. Ars Electronica 2020

Artwork- Touchless. Access Modes 2020

Artwork- Ec(h)osystem. Oratorium 2019

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Instagram: laura.sciart